Back from Orlando

I made it home from a week in Orlando without incident yesterday (although it was a pretty long day, factoring in a 3:45am pick-up for the shuttle to the airport and the two-hour timezone difference). After spending a week there, I will reiterate my feeling that Orlando is not a place that holds much of an attraction for me. No plans at present to return unless I have to for work…

The conference itself went reasonably well. Our presentations were well attended and seemed to be fairly well-received. As always, it will be good to get the feedback from the conference group from the evaluation forms all of the session attendees were requested to provide.

As for food, we had what I felt to be one very good meal (surprisingly, one of the hotel’s restaurants is a top-notch steakhouse called “A Land Remembered”; I had the 8 oz. fillet and it was very, very good and the service there was excellent), and two good meals (one at a little Indian restaurant called “Passage to India”, and the second at a little hole-in-the-wall Brazilian barbeque called “Crazy Grill” — both on International Drive). Other than that, what we found was average at best.

By the end of the week, I was so tired of being in air-conditioned buildings that it was wonderful to return to the warm, but dry, West. There were times that I had to go outside in Orlando just to warm up, and the warmth — even if almost unbearably humid — felt wonderful. Waking up this morning at home with the windows wide open and temperatures in the upper 50s felt like heaven.