In Orlando this week

I’m in Orlando this week for work, presenting several sessions at a Federal conference. Note the absence of an exclamation point on the end of that sentence. Orlando has never ranked very high on the list of places I have wanted to visit. Still doesn’t…

We’re staying at one of those massive resort hotels that has 1,500 rooms, a golf course, 6 restaurants (the best of which is typically average), a small deli and a grocery store, so the odds of finding anything truly exceptional to eat are probably not all that great. The conference itself is one of those that we attend based on the work we do (or perhaps, because of the groups for whom we do it), rather than because of interest in the subject matter. The best part of the conference is typically the opportunities to talk to and work with lots of people that we generally deal with over the telephone or via e-mail.

On the subject of e-mail, my work Blackberry is wierding out. It throws some unhandled exception anytime I try to access my e-mail, won’t send, won’t sync. The phone works, the calendar works, the alarm clock works, but it almost acts like it can’t access the network. Great. I can only imagine what my in-box is going to look like when I get back home next week… unless I can find some way to get ahold of someone on the help desk at work in between meetings for some help in getting it reset or fixed or something.

I ran this morning. Early. Like pre-5 AM. I had forgotten what it’s like to run in humidity. It was 75 degrees (F) and 90% humidity. Just a wee bit different than the 50 degrees I am used to at home at this time of day. And I had forgotten what it’s like to run at sea-level rather than at our 4600+ feet of elevation. It was kind of nice to have my legs be the limiting factor rather than my lungs.