3v3 Tournament in San Antonio

We spent this past weekend in San Antonio for the Nationals of the 3v3 Live soccer tournament. Ian was on a squad that had qualified for the Nationals by winning a regional tournament in Utah last summer. As a team, they finished tied for 5th (of eight) in their age group. One win, two losses, and a draw. I think all of the boys went into this tournament with a lingering question of whether they really belonged there, whether they could compete. They showed well, and from a technical and tactical standpoint, they were even with or better than all of the teams they saw in their age group. They were the victims of a couple of slow starts (in the first game Saturday, and then again in their Sunday morning match), but other than that they played well. Even in the two losses, once they got past the rough starts, they showed they could play with any of the other teams in their age group.

Ian playing in the 3v3 Live National Finals soccer tournamentIan scored the team’s two goals in their opening loss, and then tweaked a muscle in his foot early in the second game. He didn’t play Saturday after that, and was understandably frustrated and disappointed. It was till sore Sunday morning, but he did see some playing time. It limited his mobility which hurt defensively, but he still played well on offense.

San Antonio itself was a bit of a disappointment in some ways to us. Our timing from a weather standpoint was not great: cool, grey, damp, and breezy. We didn’t see the sun the entire time we were there. There was quite a bit of highway construction going on, which made getting around challenging (particularly when coupled with the fact that I don’t think there are straight or square highways in the entire city). The Riverwalk area downtown was pretty cool, we had some good Tex-Mex and barbeque, and were able to spend some time down at the Alamo after the boys finished their tournament play. The travel Friday/Monday schedule made for a pretty relaxing schedule, too.