Dense Fog

The past couple of days back here in DC have been interesting, to say the least. Dense fog could describe yesterday’s weather as well as my own mindset…

  • After a couple days of amazing weather — or at least it seemed amazing from what I could see from occasional glimpses out the window — with high temperatures in the upper 50’s, yesterday was cool, wet, and very grey. On the Metro in yesterday, crossing the Potomac, the clouds and fog were right down on the water which was a stark contrast to the sun and mirror smooth water on Monday morning.
  • Dense fog would also describe how I felt the past couple of days. Work back here has not gone well — some very visible and important areas of the system I am back here to demonstrate and train users on simply are not working. I am also missing home, family, and friends, and generally feeling a bit Grinchish. Yesterday and today were the services for my friend’s son that died last week, and I am still wrestling a bit with that, and I know that is a big contributor.
  • Greek food for dinner on Tuesday at Athena Pallas in Crystal City: salad, broiled bass (the whole fish!), rice, vegatables, a glass of Greek red, rice pudding, espresso. Very good.
  • Italian last night at Cafe Italiano, also down in Crystal City: minestrone, bruschetta, chianti, coconut ice cream, and an espresso. Also very good — I had forgotten that I had been in there in the past, and the food is very good.
  • The Metro ride out of DC back to the hotel was pretty amazing. For a period of about 30 minutes there were no yellow-line trains; this was rush hour, so you can well imagine the crush of people trying to get on that first train that came through. The car was more than just packed to the point of people being squashed together. Luckily, it is a pretty short ride back to my stop, and once we got past the Pentagon stop and a few people got off, it wasn’t too bad. I am not normally claustrophopic, but the first few minutes were a bit much even for me. It makes me appreciate my 15 minute “commute” to work each day at home.