An Eclectic Mix

Some random bits as I am in Washington, DC this week for work.

I am in Washington, DC this week for work. Some (likely not related) thoughts:

  • I typically don’t talk to fellow air passengers much when I travel alone, so I found a comment made to me by the lady sitting next to me on the first leg of my flight yesterday vaguely amusing: “Thanks for not talking my ear off.” It made me wonder about the person she last sat next to on a plane…
  • Guinness lamb stew, accompanied by a pint of Southwick’s and a couple slabs of brown bread, at Mackey’s Public House in Crystal City for dinner last night. Simple and very good.
  • I have been playing a little with Google Reader the past few days. Very cool.
  • I have been running Fedora Core 6 on a couple of my Linux boxes for the past week or so, after having been almost exclusively on Ubuntu for a couple of years (and having had a bad experience with FC4 once that clobbered a Windows partition on a dual-boot box). I like it. I have always been reasonably impressed with the UI polish of the FC project, and this one is no exception. I toyed briefly with openSUSE 10.2, but Gnome felt like it wasn’t all that well integrated there — certainly not to the same extent as on Ubuntu and FC6. I relied heavily on the guidance from Muriat Miranda to get some of the bits configured and working. The only other piece I had to do was install the firmware for my laptop’s Intel WLAN NIC.

More to come this week, I am sure.