CFUnited 2006, Day 2

Good sessions at the conference, iPods, Segways, and Maryland blue crabs.

Two days wrapped up and just one left. Thoughts on the proceedings of day 2:

  • An excellent session by John Paul Ashenfelter on testing CF applications, in particular, but more generally on testing. A couple of good pointers to tools we should investigate, of which Selenium seems the most exciting to me.
  • A pretty good session on Web application security by Adam Wayne Lehman, based on the OWASP Top 10 list. Not a great deal of information that we didn’t already know but a couple of good pointers.
  • Skipped the Microsoft “Atlas” presentation, because I just don’t care.
  • So-so session on Subversion after lunch. If it weren’t for a couple of nuggets (a pointer to Subclipse and a mention of SVN’s “export” function to generate a clean copy of a repository’s contents without all of the annoying .svn folders), I wouldn’t even call this a so-so session primarily because the presenter really is not a very good presenter.
  • OK session by the NewAtlanta folks on the different versions of their BlueDragon engine. Two good things there: a clarification of the license agreement on their free version by Vince that it can be used for development in any environment, regardless of what is being developed (even commercial sites), and I won an iPod Nano.
  • Very good session by Simeon Bateman on CFEclipse, highlighted by showing off some of the goodies in the beta of version 1.3 (which only works on Eclipse 3.2 which is not yet out). Once again, I think we need to spend some time looking at Eclipse as the basic platform for our development. If only it supported columnar selections like jEdit.

Deb and Ian spent some time on the Mall, and made it to the Lincoln Memorial — Ian was pretty impressed. A couple of the Smithsonian’s museums were closed again (American history and natural history), but they are going to try again today. They also spent some time at the Segway store — Ian couldn’t stop grinning as he described zipping around the store (and Deb thought they were pretty cool, too).

Dinner was definitely the highlight of the day (topping even the iPod for me): Cynthia invited us out to her folks’ house in southern Maryland for a crab-feed. She met us at the Branch Avenue end of the Green line and we feasted on a bushel of Maryland blue crabs, fresh corn on the cob, Yuengling Black and Tan, and two kinds of homemade cake made respectively by Cynthia’s mom and by an Amish neighbor. Unbelievable! Thank you, Mike, Gretchen, and Cynthia! It made for a late night — back at the hotel by about 12:15 after an interesting train ride back to the hotel. Let’s just go on record here in saying that some really interesting people ride the Metro at night.