CFUnited 2006, Day 1

Thoughts after the first day of the CFunited 2006 conference. Indian cuisine from Bethesda.

Thoughts after the first day of the conference:

  • Ben Forta’s keynote on what’s coming in the next version of CFMX — other than some interesting integration with Breeze and PDF files, not much of interest there. Looks like the MAX conference in Las Vegas will have some CF-specific sessions.
  • Disappointingly shallow session on recursion in CF. Not a good way to start a conference, particularly given that this was in the “advanced developer” track.
  • Good session on Section 508 by Adam Wayne Lehman.
  • Steve Rittler was his usual entertaining self in presenting a session on the FarCry 3.0 CMS.
  • Very good session by Jeff Peters of grokfusebox on how FuseBox and FLiP support project management. Better get started writing all of those fusedocs that we have been ignoring, and better re-read the sections of the FuseBox book that deal more with FLiP.
  • Excellent session by John Paul Ashenfelter on agile development with CF; actually more on agile development than anything on CF. Very good.
  • Why is it warm, sunny, and not unbearably muggy outside today? 4+ days of at-times torrential rain ahead of the conference when we wanted to be outside, and as soon as the conference starts, the weather gets good…
  • Doesn’t seem to be as many exhibitors on the floor this year, although they say the attendee number is up slightly from last year. Some interesting conversations with a couple of the vendors, particularly one with a group that is offering CF administration training.
  • Weird seeing the Adobe logo everywhere. It just isn’t the same.
  • Scored a geek t-shirt for my buddy Blaine back in Idaho Falls.

Dinner: excellent Indian from a place called Haandi in Bethesda, and we were joined by Jeff and Michalene (but only after I promised Jeff that we weren’t going to spend 30 minutes each direction on the Metro and that dinner wasn’t going to be a 3-hour affair). I had forgotten about how many little restaurants there are in that part of Bethesda and it was wonderful to be able to wander around outside in the evening without having to worry about drowning in the rain.