Really Wet Vacationing

OK, I finally bought an umbrella — almost guarenteed to stop the rains — and great Greek food for dinner.

OK, I finally bought an umbrella. That, of course, will almost certainly guarentee that the rains here in DC will abate, but if that’s what it takes, it was more than worth the cost of the umbrella. After spending the past two days alternately freezing in air-conditioned buildings because we were damp, or changing out of soaking wet clothes, I figured it was more than time to buy one…

Deb in the gardens outside the Smithsonian CastleThe rains have closed several of the things we had hoped to see (e.g., the National Archives, the National Zoo), but we have still gotten to most of the sites: the spy museum, the Apple store in Pentagon City, some (but not all) of the Mall, including the Washington Monument (I zipped down early yesterday to score tickets), the Jefferson Memorial, the gardens outside the Smithsonian Castle, and the World War II memorial. Saw the White House from outside the fence, and we had arranged for a Capital tour (which was cooler than I thought it might be). We did get to sit in on part of the debate on the proposed Constitutional ammendment on protecting the flag in the Senate chambers as part of that tour — thanks, Natalie! I really have been taking pictures, and will get some of them posted.

Jeff was not up for joining us for dinner last night, having endured the Metro at rush hour from Reagan out to the hotel, but Deb, Ian, and I enjoyed a great Greek dinner at Mykonos Grill about 4 blocks from the Twinbrook stop on the Metro’s red line: saganaki, roast leg of lamb, mousaka, dolmos, spanakopita, followed by rice pudding and galaktabourika (I probably butchered the spelling on that one, but its a custard wrapped in philo and covered in a honey sauce) with Greek coffee.

The CFUnited conference starts today, so I am probably done sightseeing for this trip (or close, anyway). The one thing that I am bummed about missing is the National Archives. And getting to see the Lincoln Memorial with Deb and Ian — that is my favorite of all of the memorials. OK, I know that’s two things. Deb and Ian are headed for the zoo this morning and maybe just some down time to let stuff dry out (at this point, I don’t think any of us have a dry pair of shoes with us) and to let tired legs recover from all of the walking and standing of the past couple days.