Ian on the Metro platformWe’re in Washington, DC, this week — in part for the CFUnited conference during the second half of the week, and in part just for some time together as a family (time which has been tough to find recently). Ian has never been to DC before, Deb and I spent a day back here when my younger brother graduated from college, and I have been back here several times over the past 6 years or so with work-related travel. This, however, is our first trip back here together and with time to just do what we want.

I love Washington, DC — at least as a place to visit. Good public transportation, a buzzillion things to do and see, lots of decent places to eat, and I have been here often enough that I know my way around (pretty much — at least enough not to get lost on the Metro). I am looking forward to sharing some of that with Deb and Ian this week. We are actually staying out in Rockville at the hotel that is hosting the CFUnited conference, so we will get to spend a bit of time on the Metro getting to and from wherever we go and watching people.

The weather today is supposed to be pretty lousy, so we are headed for some of the Smithsonian’s museums and we have tickets to the Holocaust museum for this afternoon.

Part of my enjoyment of travelling is food — Jeff always gives me a bad time about how much I love food. And it’s true — food is a wonderful thing, and I love trying new and different things. And food can be (and should be) a social experience. Dinner, for instance, last night more than made up for the lack of anything resembling food on the flight from way out West to DC: a deep dish three cheese pizza at Armand’s Pizzeria and Grill in Rockville, and a Sam Adams. Simple and good.