Great Expectations

Ian has a reading project on tap for his summer break ahead of an honors-level English course next Fall. The assignment: read (and then write about) Dickens’ “Great Expectations”. I’ve never read much Dickens, having survived my school experience without it (although I do remember at one point finding a copy of “A Tale of Two Cities” at a library book sale or a garage sale of some sort, but only made it through the first couple of pages before losing interest).

Given some of our other reading lately, particularly stuff by Jasper Fforde and his Thursday Next books with their foundation in old lit, I am actually looking forward to digging into “Great Expectations”. After reading (and loving!) FForde’s “The Eyre Affair”, Deb and I both read “Jane Eyre” and loved it. I guess there may be a reason some of these are considered “classic” literature. So we are treating GE as a family reading project for the summer (although Ian gets the solo pleasure of the writing portion of the project that goes along with it in preparation for school next Fall).

And there is something about just the title of this particular work that seems like it fits my life right now…