Stock Firefox on Ubuntu

Having played with the betas and release candidates of Mozilla’s Firefox v1.5 on other platforms, I wanted it on my Ubuntu boxes as soon as it was available.

Having played with the betas and the pre-release candidates of Mozilla Firefox on several of my Windows-based computers, I was very anxious to get the new v1.5 up and running as soon as it was released in late November. As the release date crept closer, the traffic on the Ubuntu forums indicated that a quick backport of the Mozilla release for the inclusion in the Ubuntu repositories wasn’t likely. Luckily for me, though, a kind soul on the forums posted a slick How-To with instructions on getting the stock Mozilla build installed and running on Ubuntu. Worked like a charm…

And the results? Highly non-scientific, I realize, but this new version is screaming fast compared to the Ubuntu-included v1.07 that is available in the repositories. I don’t know (and, frankly, don’t care) how much of that is v1.5 vs. v1.07 and how much might be the stock Mozilla vs. the distro-specific build (I have seen grumblings in the Ubuntu forums that the distro version may be something of a pig). Either way, it feels much snappier, loads pages quicker, and works without any problems so far!

Update: I also have switched to running a stock Mozilla Thunderbird (currently at 1.5rc2), based on a similar How-To, and have had no problems.