Tango: Learning to Dance

Well, OK. Not really that kind of dance…

The new look here at we3geeks is a WordPress theme that I have been working on (or more correctly, off and on) for the past couple of months. Called “Tango” (hence the dance comment), it is based in large part on the colors, presentation, and icons of the Tango Desktop Project’s work. It is definitely still a work in progress, and my intent is to continue to clean it up and make it work (and look!) better in the coming weeks. It has taken what seems like forever to get it even to this point, where I could roll it out, in part due to an almost complete lack of time to play with it, and because this is my first (admittedly feeble) attempt at putting together a WordPress theme.

There are still a fair number of rough bits (e.g., I know that the layout is kind of dorked up in IE) that I need to work through and clean up. Keep watching.