I spent some time this past week playing with a very interesting little… hmmm… not sure what to call it. It’s called TiddlyWiki, and it blurs the line between a Web page/site and a Web application. Think of it as a self-modifying Web page, written in XHTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It appears to me to be a tour de force of standards-based Web development, and provides a simple, elegant means of setting up a standalone micro-Wiki very quickly. Its plumbing supports extensive customization, extensions, macros, and modifications, and the tool is even capable of generating its own RSS feed. It’s kind of a wierd concept to get your head around. Definitely worth playing with. It seems perfectly suited for putting together small documentation projects (e.g., we are using it for our Subversion procedures and notes within my development team).

One of the contributors to this project, a young man named Clint, worked as an intern in our department at work, and has several mentions on the main TiddlyWiki site. Do take a look at some of the customization work Clint has done with changing the appearance and layout of the tool.