I Can’t Imagine

Ian had three of his friends over for the night last night. It’s kind of an annual thing, and each time I am struck by a couple of things:

  • I can’t imagine what life would be life with 4 of him around! It turns into sensory overload for me (and for Deb, I think) pretty quickly. I know its a function, at least in part, of what you’re used to, but I can’t imagine what life in a household with a large family must be like. I suppose I am used to our (mostly) quiet life.
  • His friends, in spite of the exponential increase in energy and noise when they get together, really are pretty good kids.

These guys really are almost as geeky as him, and the twists their conversations take are typically pretty good for a laugh. Last night, at one point, the conversation turned to their ancestry, and before we knew it, they were coming up with weird combinations (e.g., Ian being Scottish and German, was either “Scerman” or “Germish”).